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Choosing a EMDR Clinician

United States

Micheal Abruzzese, Ph.D. Boston, Cape Cod, Maine
Carol Anderson, MFCC, Fresno, California
Carol Boulware, Ph.D.
EMDRIA Certified Therapist
EMDRIA Approved Consultant
Los Angeles, California
Carol Crow, LMHC Tampa, Florida
Richard A. Christy, M.S.W.
EMDRIA Certified Therapist
EMDRIA Approved Consultant
Seattle, WA
Beverly Davis, MS LPCC
EMDRIA Certified Therapist
Columbus, Ohio
Tom Cloyd, M.S., M.A. Spokane & Grand Coulee, WA
David Henson, Ph.D., CTS
EMDRIA Certified Therapist
Lakewood, Colorado
Roy Kiessling, LISW
EMDRIA Approved Consultant
Cincinnati, Ohio
Jim Kowal - LCPC Naperville, Illinois
Phyllis Kasper, Ph. D. Manitowoc, WI
Adrienne Richman, M.A., Denver, CO
Daniel C. Opdyke, Ph.D. Hickory, North Carolina
Sandra Paulsen, Ph.D.
EMDRIA Approved Consultant &Facilitator
Lafayette, CA
Shirley Schmidt, MA, LPC
EMDRIA Approved Consultant
San Antonio, Texas
Linda Vanderlaan, Ph.D.
EMDR Instructor
EMDRIA Approved Consultant
Corona, CA
Maggie Vlazny, MSW, LCSW
EMDRIA Certified Therapist
Florham Park, NJ

Outside USA


EMDR Europe Therapists UK and Ireland
Philip Dutton, Consultant
EMDR Institute Facilitator
Central Scotland, UK
Brian J. Nuttall MSc. PG. Dip. London, UK
Karl Weisensee, Psy. Germany
IDinstitut Christa Diegelmann Kassel, Germany


Kali Mundro, E.ED Toronto, Canada.
Maureen Kitchur .M.S.W.
EMD Institute Facilitator,
EMDRIA Approved Consultant
Calgary, Canada.
April Steele,MSc, BCATR
EMDRIA Certified Therapist
Nanaimo and Gabriola, B.C


JAPAN EMDR Therapists Japan


José Ignacio Jarero, Ph.D. Mexico

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Carol Boulware, MFT, Ph.D.
Licensed Marriage, Family Therapist - #MFT11632
EMDR Certified Therapist- Level II- 1994
EMDRIA Approved Consultant
Board Certified Expert in Traumatic Stress
Somatic Experiencing Practitioner
ABS Certified Sex Therapist #1466
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